Juggling 24/7

  • christmas cards done
  • christmas shopping nearly done
  • actually got weekend dinners prepped last nightšŸ˜±a miracle, lately

but i haven't even gotten a chance to put away halloween and put out thanksgiving/fall decorations.

trying to keep track of kid's school things and gymnastics/meets and appointments and pictures and signatures and it still seems like i always miss something. new grips. new weights. permission slips. new shoes.

still managing to work out 30 minutes every day, but not to the level that i would like the last 2 weeks. this is mostly due to a mattress taking up half of the garage.

i've been sick-ish for most of the last 2-3 weeks, and the kids have all had the same cough.

i feel like absolute garbage most days. seasonal depression hit like a brick wall with all the other variables.

i finally caved and got regularly scheduled house cleaning (and finally requested them to put away laundry, or at least what i haven't gotten to, because MOUNTAINS), because if i tried to keep up with that it would mean no time at all with the kids.

i don't know what i'd do without subscribe-and-save and instacart.

i feel like a total hot mess, exhausted, and can never quite get my shit together.

idk how other moms do it.