Facebook Group & CONTEST to win USB Flash Drive!!!

i am slowly getting to work on my research paper. i signed up on survey monkey tonight and spent some time thinking up questions relevant to gender socialization and how it pertains to the lack of females in computing fields (IT, computer science, linux, etc) so hopefully i’ll be tweaking that and sending it out in the next week or so. it’s only for ladies–sorry, boys. :grin:

in order to get the survey out, i figured the best route would be facebook. i can only think of like 2 people i know offhand that aren’t on it and that’s because they’re anti-social-networking.

the group can be found here and if you are a female and you have a facebook account, JOIN IT! help me out. i’ll be picking a handful of people to interview–some computer-oriented and some not. the surveys will go out to everyone on the list.

THIS IS WHERE THE CONTEST APPLIES! the winner will receive a FREE 2GB USB 2.0 Wristband pictured above! to enter the contest do the following:

  • first, you must be female
  • join the facebook group i have created so you can receive the surveys
  • leave a comment on here with your name, a valid e-mail address, and 3-5 sentences on either A) why you chose to pursue a computer/IT-related field and specify what that particular field is and why you are motivated to do it or B) why you have been discouraged from pursuing a computer/IT-related field and what ultimately changed your mind.
  • remember this research is geared towards gender socialization so try to direct your responses in that direction

i will pick the winner by judging the response you give me and how well it applies to my research. how many/few responses i get will determine when i will close the contest and pick the winner.

i would greatly appreciate it if one of you would join, too. :happy: