It's Christmas. CHEER UP.

i don’t know what is wrong with people. maybe i’m just noticing it more because it is the holiday season and i feel like people should be friendlier? or if the holidays just bring out the worst in people? everywhere i go lately, people seem so damn hateful. restaurants, wal-mart (big surprise there, right?), even people online seem like they want to rain on everyone’s parade… i don’t know what it is. if you’re unhappy, don’t make it a point to bring other people down with you.

some woman had something stuck up her butt on the way to work the other morning. she was older (we’re talking blue hair, pointy glasses, buick) and she rode my bumper for at least a mile until i got onto the highway. this road is always super crowded in the morning, and she honked the whole damn way. i don’t think i’ve ever gotten this pissed off at someone on the road before.

the car in front of me got in a fender bender. we were in the left lane. she was in the right lane about 1 car behind me. everyone behind the fender bender was trying to get into the right lane so they could get onto the highway. so this woman stopped her car… BLOCKED the right lane from going anywhere… and didn’t leave any room for the cars in the left lane to get around the fender bender so it’s a stand still. and there she is, laying on the horn. literally. for like 10 seconds.

i managed to squeeze through (emphasis on the word squeeze, my car is tiny and barely fit) and while i was pulling between her car and the car in front of me, waited until i got into the left lane, pulled up on my right, and gave me the evil eye. um, WHAT? so i sped up to get away from her, and because she did not have her damn clicker on, i had no idea she wanted to get into the left lane. why would you pull up so that you are even with someone if you want to get in the left lane? evidently that pissed her off because her head was going in all kinds of directions. we got a red light (haha!) and she was stuck behind me at the light for the on-ramp.

so then… the light turned green. i wasn’t in a hurry, but i was also not taking my sweet time to step on the gas. i thought i responded like normal people do when the light turns green. i guess it wasn’t quick enough for her, so she honked at me again! that one was like a double-tap. this woman was out of her damn mind.

the on-ramp is 2 lanes that merge into 1 before it hits the highway, so she thought it would be a good idea to try and pass me. which forced me to slam on my breaks and almost made the people behind me rear-end me.

and she the audacity to lay on her horn again while SHE was passing ME in an already-merged, 1-lane on-ramp.

i wanted to be respectful of an elderly woman and hold back my aggressions. my window was open, and i could’ve let it all out, but i didn’t. and i blared christmas radio the rest of the way to work.

on a happier note, i finished wrapping everyone’s christmas presents. i have a couple small things i’m waiting for in the mail, but the bulk of it is done. i have never bought this many presents for people in my life and i’m so thankful that i’m finally able to get people what i’ve always wanted to get them, but couldn’t afford. it’s very fulfilling. i think i enjoy picking out presents for people more than i like receiving them myself.

the only downside is i’ve spent all my fun money on presents. i didn’t budget very well, or really at all, but it’s worth it. as long as i don’t touch the money i’ve saved up for vegas next month. then i’ll be in big trouble. and i’ll probably be as angry as that crotchety, old woman.