over the past week, i have learned a few things.

1.) make sure your power bill is paid and in the right name. it will cut off and it will make the food in your fridge go bad and you will have to go to wal-mart for the 858435th time in the past 2 weeks. oh, and your popsicles will melt.

2.) don’t drink vodka, then beer, then vodka, and then more beer.

3.) don’t jump in mosh pits in tennessee.

4.) don’t rely on for hosting. ever. :angry:

5.) toasters come in handy… i just had to cook a bagel in the oven.

i’m in the process of getting things straightened out. will be up by tomorrow sometime and my new e-mail address is lots and lots of pictures have been put up from this week as well so they’re in the photo gallery under friends.