it’s a bitch.

pictures from the LAN are online. videos will be up shortly.

one good thing came out of today–i got to talk to adam… :heart: :biggrin: i have been waiting for so long and we finally got to talk online. the phones have been down so that explains the wait. and the guys got flu shots last week and adam has been sick and bed ridden for a while so he couldn’t really go anywhere either. i feel bad. i can’t send anything anymore because they’re going to be moving and getting ready to leave within the next week. that’s a good thing because it means he’ll be home soon but at the same time i can’t send anymore loveletters or anymore stupid toys in the mail. i can’t waiiitt! less than a month. it’ll definitely be weird getting acquainted with one another again. good lord, i’m so nervous.

charlie brown thanksgiving is on TV and i think that’s the only thing keeping my head on straight right now. i’ve felt so stressed lately and there’s nothing really to be stressed about. i’ve paid the fees to my apt. complex (all but the water one, gotta fix that) and i straightened out the inspection thing with my car, and i am going to talk to my business law prof. about my exam tomorrow and then i’m going to the pharmacy, and then i’m going home. my plate will be CLEAN and all i have to worry about is relaxing at home with a crapton of food and adam. i feel like all my muscles are tensed up 24/7 and i’m always edgy and impatient and ready to blow up all the time. the littlest things irk me except when i’m intoxicated and in that case i don’t really give a shit about anything, but that is no solution. i don’t get it. maybe i need to go get a full body massage (hint hint parental units) or something like that. day at a spa getting pampered for hours on end? something. i just need something to knock me out and actually force me to relax. the wheels in my head just keep going. it even makes me not able to sleep at night because i can’t get my head to shut up.

i’m going to watch TV and be a bum. anyone want to dogsit for a few months? :biggrin: i’m kidding. i love loki, but sometimes i want to hurl her across the room.