Insane Weekend

so i haven’t partied like friday night in a while. that was quite a night. ben, sarah, and liz came up from winston for jenna’s birthday and to see the influence play at klondike. i hadn’t been to klondike since this summer when jill and i went and the influence played. it was fun, though. it was a fun mix of people and i saw lots of friends i hadn’t seen in a while!! since the bartender wasn’t any fun like last time i went and wouldn’t give me beer (lol, who cares about the law, right? kidding) i brought my bottle of wild turkey in my bag. needless to say, that bottle made me a few friends that night. elliott and chris decided to drag me on stage and embarrass me… :biggrin: actually, it was nice ’cause they gave me props for doing their website. i just embarrass easily and turned bright red in about 2 seconds. it was fun, though. they did a badass cover of mr. big so that definitely made me happy.

ben drove me to my apartment. i wanted to change clothes and get comfy before i went back out to the afterparty at rodda’s. i went over there and it was a crazy amount of drama, surprise surprise. everyone had relationship problems that night, it seems. there were about 4 of us that sat in the living room for a while and we stuck together because we were the only people not crying or screaming at the time. kind of a weird party, i suppose. someone had the great idea to make velveeta mac n’ cheese and that was the best damn idea anyone ever had. it was awesome.

jenna was having a rough night so she, liz, sarah, and i went to my apartment and had our own slumber party on my floor. i think we got to sleep around 6 because eli and joey came over to bug us and eat my candy and raid my kitchen. i woke up to sarah asking liz what happened last night.. apparently she didn’t know where her bra or her purse went and her pants weren’t exactly on all the way. these girls are never boring, that’s for sure. i definitely had a rough morning. after forcing myself to puke, i drove us to boone bagelry for breakfast/lunch and to jenna’s. i ended up going home afterwards and sleeping a few hours.

i convinced myself to get my ass out of bed and go to rob’s with everyone for a mini-LAN. never play quake hungover-it’ll make it feel worse. i was so nauseous from flying around those damn maps and i will never make that mistake again. and i spilled a pizza in my lap and covered my comfy sweatpants with gross stains. i never fail to ruin my clothes.

my mom came up to visit me today! it was a lot of fun. we went to dos amigos and then to the shoppes on the parkway in blowing rock. i wasn’t too impressed with those stores. everyone made them out to be so much better but it was mostly shoes and adult clothes. i found some sweet handcuff earrings, though! we went to a weird antique type store on the way back and got candles and fudge. i bought my mom a present, too. she helped me clean my apartment after we went to wal-mart so now i just have to finish cleaning it. doubt i’ll get that done for at least another day. thank you, mom!!! you should visit more often.

i have done nothing tonight but watch movies and eat my dinner and dream about laying on a beach and getting a tan. i really hope spring break plans don’t fall through, but we’ll see. if all else fails, i’ll just get up and go somewhere. i mastered disappearing last summer, i think.

5 days ’til i get to be with adam. we’ve made plans of ice skating and watching spy games and a little shopping and sleeping in all day… and it will be awesome. i’m missin’ him like hell.