I'm Not Dead! I Don't Want To Go On The Cart!

i realize i haven’t posted in well over a month. i’m not sure why, other than the fact that i’ve been too busy enjoying everything else at the moment.

2 of our very good friends got married.

brett and i went to our first appalachian game of the season and stayed at the cabin with good friends. this equals heaven in my book.

my dad and stepmom came to visit our place FINALLY. after 2 years.

i’ve been working and learning and loving my not-so-new-anymore job, which has also left me significantly more energy-depleted in the evenings, but in a good way.

website work, house work, pet work…

dexter, sons of anarchy, AND big bang theory started back up.

FOOTBALL started back up. i don’t even know what to say about that because it feels like football has absolutely consumed our life. and i shouldn’t say feels like because it really has. every night we watch football to some extent. if it’s not football, it’s sound FX, or 30 for 30, or a football life (LOVE these shows, especially the belichick one), or something to that effect.

saturday we drove out to sullivan’s island for lunch. just because. it was like a mini vacation, because it’s a pretty good drive out there. it’s a whole different side of charleston. small, but beachy. gorgeous, blustery weather coupled with brunch, and a couple mimosas for myself.

life is good right now. not to say it wasn’t before that. i just feel like after 2 years of living together… we have found a perfect balance. the other night, we put our chairs in the garage, opened the garage door, plugged in a radio, opened a new bottle of scotch, and just sat there and talked. for hours. without the TV. just neighborhood sounds and music in the background, and loki.

i take back what i said about boone being heaven. boone is heaven, but that definitely takes first place. boone still at a very close second.

OH, and to give a brief update on the wedding planning…

we haven’t done a damn thing.


one of these days. until then, just soaking it all in. :)