i'm not dead

this trip is anything but what i expected, in all good ways for the most part. copenhagen was badass and those people party until 9 in the damn morning, stockholm was a lot of fun and they party but they also know what the word sleep means, helsinki was fun for me because i’m the only one in the group that went out and enjoyed the nightlife… russians and finnish people drink like fish and they’re horrible at english but they do know how to throw down. gothenburg has been my favorite so far and i made some really good friends that i hope i can keep in touch with… another amusement park and lots of partying in our sweet basement at some random school in sweden. yeah. it was a blast, aside from showering in the sink. i’ll let that one slide. the rest of the experience was well worth it. i even got to visit volvo but i did not get to thank them for saving my life when i drove off the side of the road into a 15-20 foot ditch. i should’ve remembered that. the kids and families there were more than welcoming and i miss the hell out of them here in norway. flE5m was the most beautiful place i’ve seen in my life, and kayaking and hiking in a fjord was the experience of a lifetime for sure. i’ve never been somewhere so breathtakingly beautiful. the pictures i took can’t come close to comparing to what i saw and took in there. i drank glacier water and saw wild goats and hiked through burial grounds from the 1100’s. not a lot of people can say that, and i think that part of the trip alone makes me SO lucky to be here. we’re in oslo now and it’s been interesting. my chicken sandwich and fries and small beer cost me $28 and the beer cost as much as a mineral water here… considering the quality of the food, that was not worth any $38 but it’s some of the cheapest we’ve paid so far in norway. shots of whiskey at the hotel in flE5m were $17… and a beer was $13. so comparatively, we did alright tonight at dinner. you can’t buy alcohol after 6 here and you have to be 20 to get into most bars/clubs and you have to be 21 to buy liquor, and 18 to buy beer. this is a lot different from the other countries because no one in any other country really cared. of course, i got carded because i look 15 but other than that, no one gave a shit what you did. we’re going to have to get used to this all over again! there’s a rock concert going on outside and i want to go SO bad but i’m sick with a sore throat, headache, aches/pains all over, and a super congested head. i’m hoping the pills i took will help me out, and i’m not going anywhere tonight. caroline and i are laying in bed watching TV this evening and taking it easy… should be nice. i’ve gone out drinking every night but 2 nights since we’ve been in europe which is pretty horrible. the only good thing about that is most of the alcohol was bought for me. :biggrin: woohoo for being a girl!

tomorrow we’re going to breakfast at 9 and then touring around oslo to churches, museums, and all the other attractions around this place. it looks like it’ll be nice weather, too. i just have to get used to the sun not going away… that’s a new one.

pictures are on facebook for now, and i’ll put them on here after i get home when i have them all together.

i miss you, adam, and i’m glad you got your package. :heart: