"I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas"

it flurried this morning. it snowed. before thanksgiving. in the 4 years i’ve been living in boone, it has not snowed before thanksgiving. i am so excited! except for the fact that i was unaware of the flurries before i took loki out to pee and consequently froze my ass off because i was only wearing my pajamas. yesterday i wore shorts outside and i was fine. today… not so much.

if things look funny on here today, it’s because i’ve been tweaking a few details. it’ll be fixed soon… hopefully before i go to biology lab. otherwise, i’ll be sitting there taking my quiz thinking, “oh my GOD i hope that image is working now oh my god i need to fix it, oh my god”. i don’t care much for fetal pigs and what their lungs look like. I JUST WANT TO FIX MY FREAKING CSS, PROFESSOR *****.

my anal retentiveness is through the roof when it comes to this website, and everything that i own basically. like right now… loki knocked my lotion off my desk with her tail and it is sitting on the floor (which is NOT where it belongs) and i am so comfy in bed but it’s really, really pissing me off that it is someplace that it shouldn’t be. maybe if i use my pitchfork to push it in my direction, i’ll be able to reach it and i won’t have to get out from under the covers.