I'm Buying A Hammock

it’s only the third week of classes and i’m already back to living in the business building. i have yet to get to campus past 9 or 9:30 and i have yet to leave campus before 9 or 9:30. i made an exception today and went home to get my car, drove to the tanning bed and to drop off some paperwork at the registrar’s office, and then went right back to the computer lab. everyone’s been joking about buying a hammock and/or sleeping bag and moving into raley for good and then we realize it’s not really joking because we are literally there more than we are in our own bedrooms.

despite my griping, i have been getting a lot done lately. i’ve not been going out drinking as much, i have been less stressed out, i’ve been going to bed at “reasonable” hours. when i say reasonable, i mean before 4-5 am.

today i…

  • went to class
  • created my surveys for my research
  • helped out in the security lab for 2 hours
  • went to the tanning bed
  • turned in my forms for my independent study
  • wrote the rest of deliverable 1 for IS project
  • went to AITP/oklahoma city meeting
  • created powerpoint for tomorrow’s presentation

every day this week i’m becoming less and less stressed. i love this feeling!

our presentation is at 11 tomorrow. we’re supposed to dress up so i’m wearing my black dress pants and a nice shirt and heels. i have strategic management after that and then i have AITP office hours from 2-3. which leaves me with a whole hour and a half to go home and get ready for the AITP tarheel chapter meeting in winston.

we’re leaving at 4:30 tomorrow to drive to winston (sorry, mom! forgot to tell you about this! i’ll try to stop by!) for the tarheel chapter meeting. we’re going to a brewery for dinner and AITP pays for $10 of it and we hang out for a while and then we drive back to boone. it’s nothing too fancy but it will be nice to get out of boone for a little bit.

i won’t be going to fort bragg this weekend because adam found out today that they are going to be in the field until sunday. they have a jump tomorrow night (crossing my fingers for a landing that doesn’t involve trees or a concussion) and they’re sleeping out in the woods all weekend. i hope for his sake that it doesn’t keep raining. :lookup:

so it looks like i’ll be living it up in boone this weekend. a handful of people were giving me grief for not staying up here superbowl weekend anyway so it will probably be a fun time… even though i don’t really like the steelers or the cardinals. i think there is going to be another “non-sanctioned” AITP party at gary’s house again and those are generally awesome as long as i don’t fall down the stairs. i just wish i wasn’t broke.