I Heart Panama City

a lot has happened since i last wrote on here. spring break was last week. panama city is, to say the very least, the most amazing place i’ve ever been. that is an exaggeration but it was by far the most fun spring break/road trip with friends i’ve ever been on. :cool: brett, phil, mike, adam, brandon, jeff, dutch, thor (not my cat, brandon’s brother), and i spent 7 days in panama city, florida, and now all i can think about is going back.

we stayed here for the entire time. we were originally worried about wristbands at the beginning of the trip because technically only 6 people are supposed to stay in a room and we had 9. but we were all able to get wristbands and stay there and it all worked out PERFECTLY. more perfect than i ever imagined.

MTV had a stage set up right on the beach between the ocean and our pools/deck/hot tubs. i will not go into detail about the festivities that took place on that stage because they are far beyond R-rated. the hotel had 2 huge pools, 2 hot tubs, a convenient store, 2 bars, and the room was awesome. we had a bunk bed in the hallway, a pull out couch in the living room, and 2 full sized beds in the bedroom. full kitchen, awesome balcony. we were on the 11th floor so we could see/hear everything.

we layed on the beach or at the hot tub all day, every day. the only day we didn’t was when we walked down the beach to the lil wayne concert. which was free. i had never been to a rap concert before… quite a different experience from what i’m used to.

our evenings were spent belting out country music in the living room together, dancing, and going to spinnaker’s and coyote ugly. i spent 2 nights at the hotel by myself because i wasn’t feeling good enough to go out but the rest of the nights i ended up staying out until about 4 AM dancing and playing in the sand. despite the fact that i ate far more than any of the guys (i ate like a horse on this trip, don’t know why), i think i lost weight simply because i did not stop moving the entire time. i haven’t felt that energized and worry-free in years.

and now… i’m back in boone. it finally stopped raining and it was sunny today and i got to wear shorts (i got a freaking tan in florida, finally) and walk in the sunshine. it just made me miss the beach even more. too bad i spent 13 hours in the lab/meetings/library again.

i gripe about being on the computer working all day and what do i do when i get home? crack open a can of chef boyardee, download netbeans, and start trying to create my first web application. i’ll never go to bed.