I Finally Installed WordPress

yeah… i gave in. i had always been gung ho about managing my own stuff because i’m pretty OCD about how my code looks. it might not be “pretty” but it has to look a certain way in order for me to not twitch. anywho, i sucked it up and did it. plus, i can incorporate a lot of other things on here now and i finally have an RSS feed. web 2.0 is such a hassle! kidding.

i can play with lots of sweet widgets and plug-ins now. if you didn’t notice, i made a flickr account for all the random photos i take that i have nowhere to put because i’m too anal to make a gallery for just 1 or 2 photos anymore. maybe i’ll start doing a daily photo thing. we’ll see. my camera has been acting funny since this weekend so i might have to bite the bullet and use any money i get for christmas to buy a new camera. that thing goes through hell because it literally goes everywhere with me. if i get a really nice one, i might be more inclined to take care of it better. i’m also tossing around the idea of getting a digital video camera. i asked for one for christmas and that’s all i asked for. well, other than chocolate.

in other news, it’s halloween and i’m inside laying in bed. i came home from class and i’ve been in bed ever since. i’ve been in a really strange mood today. my dad finally called me back and gave me some horrible news that only added to that mood.

my great grandmother, nanny maxine, passed away today and i had a pretty rough cry after hearing that. the entire reason i wanted to go to maine while adam and i were already up in new england was so i could introduce him to her because i wasn’t sure how much time i would have before it was too late. she’s one of my favorite people and i can’t believe she’s gone. i hope she knows how much i admired her, and how much i loved spending time up there, even if it was very sporadic. maine will never be the same. she was really sick and this one’s gonna be tough to deal with, but i know she’s not in pain anymore. she’s happy now. rest in peace, nanny. i love you!