I Do Not Like The Cone Of Shame!

i went and picked up loki yesterday on my lunch break, and was hugely surprised by the super huge size of the incision. i know the doctors wanted to stay on the safe side and make sure they removed the whole tumor, and that’s all i could really ask for, but wow. it’s probably a good 7 inches of stitching from her ear on down her neck. i’m pretty sure it is making her mouth sore judging by the way she’s been eating her food.


i didn’t take anymore pictures of it, mostly because i couldn’t stop hugging the poor girl. she has her cone on, but it was keeping her from getting around–more importantly, going up and down the stairs (3-story townhome is not good for these situations). so i cut about 2-3 inches from around the border of it and she instantly perked up a bit. not much, but it was definitely noticeable. she scarfed up all her food as soon as she got home. i’ve been giving her 2 tramadol twice a day wrapped in cheese, lots of water, lots of hugs, and taking her outside as much as possible. that’s all i really can do.

we spent the better part of last night sitting on the living room floor in front of the TV. she was curled up with her head on my lap when she was able to sit still. she was really restless yesterday but she seemed to get through the night alright.

what made me really happy was when i checked out the incision area this morning, all of the redness/inflammation was gone, and she semi-jumped up and ran down the stairs when we got ready to go outside. that gives me hope that this will be a quick recovery. mostly for her, but also because it’s so hard to watch. i just want to make it all better, and i can’t, and it is driving me crazy.

i just want to get the biopsy results back. next week can’t come soon enough.

at least one bit of humor has come out of this, and that is thor. the weirdest cat i’ve ever owned is absolutely terrified of loki’s cone. brett and i can’t tell what exactly he’s freaked out about, but it’s either the cone, or maybe he is scared that he will be next. ;)

i couldn’t find him last night so we started searching the house. cupboards, closets, under the beds, behind the dressers, windowsills, bathrooms–we looked everywhere. can you find him? :wink:


he stayed there overnight, and was still there when i left for work this morning. i can only hope that he has the sense to get down from there to go to the bathroom, because that would be quite a tricky clean-up.

and again, thank you guys for all the tweets/facebooks/emails/comments. you people are awesome.