I Can Relax. Burn Party Anyone?

i was so tempted to take all my CISSP study materials (except the ones that are borrowed) and throw them into a giant pile and light it on fire. until i remembered the little tid bit where i don’t know if i passed yet, so in the event that i bombed that hellacious exam, i might need those materials one day down the road.

i took 5 hours to take it (you could take up to 6). the format is 250 multiple choice questions. the last 1 and a half-ish hours were spent filling in bubbles and going over the questions that i saved for later. the ones that made me go cross-eyed.

in all seriousness, that was the hardest exam i’ve ever taken in my life, and i very truly never want to take it again. the next few weeks of waiting are going to drive me nuts. at least it’s over, and out of my hands.

the whole event in itself was kind of fun, though. there were like… 40 people? ish? i’m not good at ball-parking a room full of people but that’s my guess. there were 5-6 guys from work in there. there were a few younger people, but i’m gonna go out on a limb and say i was the youngest one in there. there were 4 females, including myself. surprise, surprise, right? i was definitely the only individual wearing bright pink.

also, the guy behind me was a total mouth-breather. just sayin’. makes it kind of hard to concentrate.

2 of the exam proctors were guys from work, as well, so that made it a bit more comfortable. after it was over, the overall consensus was, “my head hurts, i need a beer,” so 5 of us went to buffalo wild wings and had a few much-needed (and hard-earned!) cold beers.

my evening was followed up by watching UFC 111 with friends. i could not think of a better way to spend the afternoon/evening after a 5-hour braindump. actually, that’s a lie. had brett been there to celebrate with me, it would’ve been better. :wink:

also, apologies for the ridiculous amount of UFC-related tweets last night. i got kind of excited over the main event. for the record, i think it was an awesome fight. and i know 1 person in particular who will 100% disagree with me. i’m sure many others do too, but i don’t think GSP had anything to be unhappy about (and definitely nothing to apologize for). i thought it was a fun fight to watch. i’m glad it didn’t end with a 1st round submission, and i’m glad he didn’t try to rip hardy’s arm off. i kind of didn’t want either of them to lose (as dumb as that sounds) because i like both of them. i’m happy it went to decision, despite the fact that there wasn’t much of a “decision” by the end of the 5th round.