I Already Miss It

a few months ago (yes, MONTHS) my sunroof broke. i’m not sure how it broke, actually. i rarely close it while i’m driving. meaning i only close it when there is a total downpour–a little rain never hurt anyone. i don’t mind sprinkles. i also hate keeping the windows closed–the driver side window is open even when it’s 20 degrees outside and there is snow on the ground. i love it. call me crazy.

well, i walked outside to my car one morning. i always close the sunroof when i’m not actually in the car. it would be dumb to leave it wide open, obviously. so it was closed correctly when i left it. but that morning, i went to open it, and it made this awful clicking sound because the right side was working fine, but something on the left side had snapped/gotten stuck/shat itself. it was open about 2″, so i left it and drove to work. not gonna worry about it before work.

or ever, it seems. i didn’t do anything about it until yesterday. rain can’t get in it because my sunroof slants down, so it opens upwards first before sliding back. i think part of me knew that once i got it “fixed”, i wouldn’t be able to use it anymore.

i went to the saturn dealership and told the guy what was wrong. he grabbed a mechanic from the other room and they took a look at it. now, i’m no car expert, but i’m also not a dumbass. i can eyeball the way a sunroof works. the motor was fine. the pieces sliding inside the rails were broken. i could see the part that was snapped in half, as opposed to the other side, which was fine.

the dude immediately started screwing around with the UNbroken side. i specifically said, “DO NOT DO ANYTHING UNTIL YOU ASK ME!” i was not going to pay for services. i wanted to know if that one piece can be fixed or if i have to get the entire thing replaced. he quickly snapped back with, “oh, you’re gonna have to pay $1200 to replace it. or pay $50 to get it shut.”

i am not paying $1200 for a new sunroof.

i asked, “how are you going to shut it? break the other side or try to fix that little piece?” HE WAS GOING TO BREAK THE OTHER SIDE. i can do that. if that’s the only thing that’s going to fix it, i’ll fix it myself. i can think of several better ways to spend $50. like at the dentist.

i looked at the first guy i spoke to (the office guy who summoned the mechanics) and glared at him. i told him i wasn’t paying $50, but he insisted that i let them shut it and that he was, “looking out for me.” a little smile goes a long way! so as every muscle in my body tensed up, i watched this strange man take a 2′ screwdriver to my sunroof. and he killed it.

then, another guy walked up. “want me to take the fuse out for you so you can’t accidentally open it?” probably a good idea, seeing as that’s the first button i reach for once i start my car. i asked him if that was going to cost $50. if so, i’d yank it out myself. he said he would do that for free, and with that, he took my fuse.

as i got back in the car to leave, the office guy ran back and gave me his business card. he said, “give me a call if you need anything else… pause or if you just want to talk.”

what? WHAT??

you just broke my favorite part of my car. aside from my stickers. and you tried to make a pass at me. i don’t THINK so. nice try, buster.

what a turd.