Happy Valentine's Day

i hope everyone had an awesome valentine’s day… i know i did. i walked into work this morning and adam had a bunch of red/white/pink balloons, 3 red roses, a teddy bear, and a box of chocolates delivered to tech. support for me. :smile: i couldn’t even put together a sentence correctly after james told me it was all for me. and i couldn’t stop smiling the rest of the day. i love you, adam!! you’re the best. this weekend is gonna be awesome.

classes went alright. i have an exam thursday and i think i’m going to do really well on it. i still want to know what i got on my accounting exam monday.. keeping my fingers crossed.

james gave matt and i a lift home. i cleaned my apartment and got ready to go snowboarding… ash showed up and we headed up the mountain. the weather was gorgeous. there was lots of powder and lots of ice but it was so fun. and i got down lots of times without falling. i love boarding now… funny because i was miserable the first day. and mike (instructor) passed all of us. hooray for a free GPA booster!!

i’m gonna cuddle up warm in bed now. if only it was the weekend… :smile: