Happy Valentine's Day

it’s been smooth sailing since saturday and life is still good. i’m 95% sure i’ll be living in my own apartment starting in august, daniel’s taking me skiing tonight, and then i’m not sure what we’re doing afterwards but it is something valentine’s day related and i’m not allowed to know yet. daniel and i had our japanese valentine’s dinner on saturday instead of tonight because we figured everything would be booked for tonight, and yesterday was spent looking at apartments and watching movies and being lazy. i’m hoping this week will fly by because besides classes and work, i have a test, a CIS assessment, a meeting with the realtor lady, and a conference with my english professor. it should be enough to keep me busy through the week so it will go faster and georgia will come sooner. i’m so excited about this trip! i need the getaway and i need to relax after the drama that went on last week.

i’m leaving tech. support and heading out. i can’t quit smiling and even if it’s still raining, tonight’s gonna be a good night. :smile: