Halloween + Football = :)

i think this was one of the most fun halloweens i’ve had in a while. thursday night, my buddy gary had a party which ended up being mostly ROTC and a lot of random people. it was a weird mix, which is probably why there were almost a couple of stupid fights throughout the evening. good music, good friends, and halloween costumes–you can’t really go wrong. it ended up being a lot of fun.

i’m pretty much broke right now so i had nothing as far as halloween costumes go. before the party, i drove all over boone looking for cat ears and a tail. i already had a really cute black outfit put together, so it didn’t surprise me when the only ears and tail to be found in boone were white… with a TIARA! grr. so i bought them, cut the tiara off (it was superglued on super good), and took one of those big magnum permanent markers and colored the ears and the tail completely black. it looked SO cute. it just reaked of permanent marker stench so anyone within a 10-foot radius of me got a contact high. i drew a nose and whiskers on my face with black lipstick, safety pinned my tail on, got my ears and boots on, and i was set. i’ve since acquired a new nickname which i’ll get to in a minute.

so the party was awesome. i drove home the next morning after stuffing myself at ci-ci’s. i am starting to become addicted to that place. my friend casie called me and said she had a card to get into the yosef club before the football game (free drinks and free food and a warm place to hang out during tailgating) and she could bring a guest so she invited me to come with her, which was really sweet. i showered and got my “costume” back on and met up with her.

we dropped her car off at her mom’s and walked to campus and bounced around for a few hours saying hey to everyone we knew that we could find. boone was so packed yesterday, it was unbelievable. from the top of the stadium parking lot, it looked like thousands of zombies walking around town. we made our way to the yosef club finally, scarfed down some hotdogs, had a few drinks, and tried to make our way through the crowd to the stadium.

i could actually see the game this time so that was a nice change. usually i get stuck behind tall people and no matter what bleachers i stand on, i can see a helmet every once in a while and maybe a tackle here and there. last night, i was standing behind kids so for once in my life i had a height advantage and could watch the game without pulling something in my neck. it was awesome. i made a lot of new friends and hanging out with casie is always a lot of fun.

she finally convinced me to go out after the game. i went back to my apartment afterward and had already changed and planned on getting comfy in front of the TV when she showed up with a bunch of her buddies and said “whitney i have reinforcements”. they basically guilted me into going to geno’s. i can’t say no to faces like those.

i threw a dress and boots on and ended up going to geno’s for about an hour and a half. it wasn’t like it used to be. that place has changed a lot… but i saw some people i hadn’t seen in a while, had a couple beers with new friends, and watched some of the largest people in boone wearing some of the tiniest outfits ever made. :uhm: that was interesting.

and as a result of yesterday’s all-day shenanigans, i’ve been in bed all day today working on my visual basic project and catching up. loki and thor have been snuggling with me. they are the only reason i made it through the 4 hours that my internet went down. THAT was rough. back to coding……….