Goodbye, AT&T

i am pretty sure the entire globe knows the iPhone 4G preordering started today. i don’t think you can go on the internet without it being thrown in your face. let me first say–i need i say more?

since i couldn’t preorder the new one, i got back in my car and started thinking–i wonder how much verizon would cost me? why this thought didn’t hit me sooner, i will never know. i called up verizon, and talked to this lady named michelle. michelle, if you’re out there, I LOVE YOU. you just saved me… a lot of money. michelle informed me that not only could i keep my same phone number (HALLELUJAH, i had no idea you could do this! :cry: ), but also that the htc incredible phone is $50 off this week. and i get a $100 rebate. and instantly i saw shooting stars and unicorns and puppies, and i may have even cried a bit.

so… i preordered my new incredible. OVER THE FREAKING PHONE. WITH MY DEBIT CARD. the incredible is (understandably) on back order, so it will be arriving at my apartment in less than 1 month. happy birthday to me! i paid $250 this afternoon, and my $100 rebate is in the mail.

the only other obstacle in my way is the early termination fee from at&t. if you weren’t aware (i was just made aware, and i feel even more swindled), if you have more than 1 phone under your contract, you are obligated to pay a fee for EACH phone. which (under my contract agreement) means… $175 for both, minus $4/month for each month of your contract you’ve fulfilled, which is… bullshit. i can’t sugar coat that. it’s just bullshit. biggest waste of $190 i can think of. i’d rather buy a bucket of rocks for $190. maybe even spiders! i hate spiders!

upon arrival of the new phone, i am (grudgingly) paying the early termination fees with at&t, driving my happy ass to verizon, and activating my new droid. which is only costing me $70 a month. for the same effing terms.

being a lively advocate of linux and all things open source, i feel good about the switch. and my wallet. well, in a few months, at least.