go deacs!!!

jill and i got free tickets to the wake forest football game last night (i just love having connections :biggrin:) and tailgated with her aunt, cousin, and step-uncle. fried chicken and beer! yeehaw!

it was a lot of fun… jill and i made the mistake of wearing heels. actually, she made the mistake of wearing stilettos so she waddled the rest of the game and i made fun of her. i didn’t realize how chilly it was getting at night. i think that’s a sign that i’ve been staying in far too often lately.

wake forest won (of course :wink:) and it was a hell of a game. we were behind 7 points at half time if i remember correctly and then we were tied all through 3rd and most of 4th quarters. kicked a field goal with 6 minutes remaining and pulled ahead and royally whooped their asses. it was glorious and i swear i have never sat in front of a funnier group of people. i wish i could only remember half of the commentary they threw out there. all i can seem to pull out is, “YOU’RE A WEENIE”… not the most impressive statement of the evening; however, it may have been the truest.

pictures from last night can be found here.