gaming club

the other officers and i had our first gaming club meeting last night at my apartment. it went pretty well, i think, especially considering we got a late start this time around. our first big event, AppalachLAN VII, is going to be saturday, september 29, and it should be the regular throwdown that we usually have. we haven’t decided on what tournaments we’re going to have but i know we’re going to have some awesome things planned with our sponsors. :wink: i’m pretty excited about that alone.

i’m definitely nervous about this year. being vice president rather than just the girl who makes fliers and pretty things to advertise is going to be a hell of a change. my stress level will probably go through the roof–after watching how rob and phil were last year, i’m wondering if i’m not going to lose my mind. our 2nd big event is not even a month after the first one. it’s definitely going to be a busy semester! busy, but hopefully successful.

if anyone who frequents my website is into gaming (PC, console, or even tabletop) and computers and is in the area or even willing to make a bit of a road trip, i strongly encourage you to consider coming to this. i’ve met so many people from this group alone and it is one of the biggest all-day gaming events that i’m aware of at least–a lot of new faces, a lot of networking, a LOT of food. we’ve averaged 150 people at these big LANs and it’s always a good time. so if you’re up for it, come join us. the more the merrier.

while we’re on a fairly geeky subject, i put this together this evening. i was cleaning the apartment again (i clean religiously, i think it’s my method of self-therapy) and i had gotten to the part where i clean out my closet. normally i don’t make it this far because it’s hell going through all my stuff and cleaning my closet means reorganizing and reorganizing means taking EVERYTHING out and completely moving it all around so it was nothing like it was before. well, something got into me tonight after doing a million loads of laundry (laura’s demon cat pissed on my bed) and i went for it. i learned that i had 11 pairs of jeans. i don’t think i’ve worn 8 of those pairs in like a year, but for some reason i couldn’t force myself to get rid of them. i got rid of a significant amount of clothing, though, so i felt better about that. i also found the corduroy pants i had my mom searching for at her house last night and so many other things i completely forgot i ever owned. anyway, all my nerdy shirts kept coming up and i didn’t realize just how many of them there were. sometimes, i wish thinkgeek and jinx didn’t exist. don’t even get me started on my geeky hoodies and jewelry, because that’s when it starts to get scary.

spanglish is on TV and it is calling my name. it’s making me miss adam but damn, i love this movie. :smile: