Floating on Cloud Nine... Again

finally, the only force capable of prying me away from my computer for 5 days at a time flew home to me saturday afternoon. adam is home… my baby is HOME. he’ll be HOME for more than 2 weeks for the first time in 16 months. he’ll be HOME until june. it’s a miracle. it will also be a miracle if he doesn’t get deployed again, but i’m going to push that into the back of my mind for now.

i can’t believe it’s been 16 months since i cried myself to sleep in our empty fort bragg apartment. that night felt like the longest night of my life. it’s a rewarding feeling having him back safe and sound just 3 hours away, knowing i can pick up the phone and call him just to say “i miss you” or “you’re a turd”.

i used to gripe about having to drive those 3 hours… and sometimes i’d even drive there on sunday mornings at 4 AM just to have a few hours with him that day before i had to drive back the same night. i don’t even want to know how much gas money i spent before he deployed. the funny thing is… i’d do it all again in a heartbeat. it’s made me stronger, it’s made our relationship stronger, and it’s made me realize all over again how freaking in love with him i am. when you’re apart for that long, sometimes it’s hard to keep things alive when your relationship relies solely on instant messages and a couple phone calls. but the instant i saw his face march into green ramp in formation, rifle in hand, looking as handsome as i’ve ever seen him, my eyes filled up with tears and i remembered in less than a second every single reason why i ever fell in love with him. i don’t think anything in the world can replace that.

his mom and his little brother flew down from connecticut and we spent some quality time together. we did a little shopping, had a nice dinner, relaxed for a while, and somehow… ended up at the strip club with the guys. :eek: abrupt ending to all that mushy crap, i know. but that is how the night panned out.

i’d never been to a strip club before so i was shaking before we went in, almost as nervous as i was before he flew in. i told adam on the way there, “i am fine with going, but i really don’t want to get jealous and have that ruin our night”. he replied with, “babe, you can’t possibly get jealous. this place is one of the trashiest strip clubs in fayetteville. and you look beautiful”. i wasn’t sure how to react to that statement because he somehow combined opposite ends of the spectrum in there, but he was right–it was disgusting. but DAMN i had a good time… and a lot of whiskey. it might just have been the most well-deserved hangover i’ve ever had in my life. we definitely took a cab home that night.

the rest of the weekend was spent recovering, hanging out at chuck E cheese’s, partying in the barracks, wining and dining, shopping, and playing video games. since the guys missed halloween, one of their friends is throwing a costume party this weekend, so we went costume shopping as well. this was even more entertaining than the strip club. i’m dressing up as a hunter, so adam bought me the realtree hunting overalls that i’ve wanted for damn near 2 years now.

nothing says i love you like a pair of Field & Stream Hunting Overalls.

he drove me home tuesday night, and for the first time i was able to say goodbye without crying. :smile: this weekend is going to be a hell of a good time. i just hope no one gets arrested.