First Time For Everything

i went to my grandma’s place at lake norman this week and ohh man, i had a blast. i sat and talked with her for a while before mike showed up wednesday night. he and i went fishin for a couple hours and had no luck at all. well, i kind of did. i got the fish out of the water but he decided to eat the bait and unhook himself simultaneously so the bastard jumped back in. i hate fish. i hate them. why don’t they just wanna let us have a little fun? :angry:

mike and i picked up his friends paul and drew and went to paul’s house and after a short stop at wendy’s, the excitement began. it was 6 of us all together by the time everyone got there and some other kids came and went during the night. all i know is a lot of beer got gone really quick and i had my first taste of moonshine. the scary part is it went down like water and didn’t burn at all and i’m wondering if that’s because i had 5 beers prior to (stupid drinking games make you go through them like crazy) or if it’s because i am just so hardcore and awesome. i think it’s probably the first one but i can pretend like it’s the second one and make the guys look like losers in front of me. :cool:

we went to waffle house around 4:30 in the morning (yes, mom, we had a DD) and i ate lots and lots of hash browns. man, they were good! waffle house always tastes good that early in the morning. it may not make your stomach feel great all the time but if it did, it wouldn’t be the same.

now i’m home after a home cooked dinner and laying out all day by the pool. i definitely got some sun this afternoon and i think between last night and the sunshine it got to my head a little bit. it’s killing me at the moment. i took some tylenol and i’m probably gonna crash here in a little bit. so sleepy!

i didn’t get pictures. i wish i had but i was most of the time too caught up having fun to worry about the camera. thank you, sterka, for such a great time with you and the buddies.