i think i’ve finished all updates. pictures have been uploaded. you can now see mine and daniel’s precious little darlings. we’ve given them names, and we decided that daniel’s is named butthead (because he takes after daniel) and mine is named shithead (because he takes a shit every 2 seconds, seriously, it’s a little weird). they’re awesome, and they’re the size of golfballs. :smile: i love the little bastards… even though they make it hard for me to breathe. oh well.

if you haven’t seen the movie without a paddle, you should. it’s funny as hell and it makes you feel like getting your childhood buddies together to go on another adventure. becky and sarah, it reminded me of all those times we’d get ourselves lost in the woods and when you guys would leave me in gutters with nothing but a flashlight and honeysuckle. ahh, the memories. :wink: i miss you guys.

the roads here are TERRIBLE and i still have to make a trip to the market and get back to the highlands. it’s fun sliding all over the backroads that haven’t been plowed. i found a big empty lot and was slamming on my brakes a lot… i’ve been waiting 18 years to drive in the snow and my wish finally came true! i’m gonna head out. the dorm is boring on sundays.