i submitted my paper to the AITP conference today. :drunk: the maximum length is 15 pages so i had to take stuff out when i finished it, which was kind of upsetting. i understand the need to set a limit, but it’s hard to keep everything concise while not leaving out any important parts. i think it turned out well, though. my professors were happy with it… :blush: or they said they were, at least. generally they aren’t the type to sugarcoat things.

if you’re interested, you can read the final product here.

i find out if i’m a finalist by march 20th. which is going to go by sooo slowly. at least spring break will take my mind off of it for a while. miami, here i come.

dad and i are driving to charleston on friday after class so i can find an apartment for may. we’re staying friday night and then i’m going to head to florida on saturday to meet up with everyone. :tongue: i can’t wait to lay in the sand with a cold drink and listen to the ocean all day. that is all i’m concerned with from now on. oh, and graduating.