feelings of accomplishment

overall, this weekend was a success in more ways than one.

adam called saturday night and that was the highlight of it all considering i hadn’t talked to him in almost 2 weeks and i was getting anxious to hear from him, especially after receiving more devastating news. adam’s mom did not tell me names when she told me they lost 2 more guys and i decided to look it up online myself which ended up being a bad idea. i looked it up at work, even worse idea, and made matt take me home because i was crying so hard. one of the guys was a friend of mine and adam’s, even moreso a friend of his because they spent a lot of time together at work, and he was the guy who always helped sneak me into the barracks when i’d go see adam for a weekend. he had his back and he was in afghanistan with him and he was always there to help out and was great at talking crap to anyone. definitely did a good job at giving me hell everytime i saw him because he caught me in the bathroom in the barracks when i wasn’t supposed to be in there because it was when they were making their rounds making sure nothing bad was going on. luckily it was him instead of another guy but he never failed to scare the shit out of me and then laugh at me for it. he was awesome and he will be missed and am proud to say i knew him and hung out with him because he was a great, great guy. i can’t imagine what his wife and son are going through and i only pray that i won’t have to find out. adam and i talked for probably 30-40 minutes. i shipped him a huge package and a little package with copenhagen in it and ordered 2 books for him off amazon and so he’ll be recieving 4 packages within days of eachother. hopefully most of them will be there by his birthday.

i went to the game saturday and we absolutely destroyed mars hill. it made for a not very exciting game but it was still fun tailgating and playing cornhole and drinking and what not.

pictures from the cookout at rob’s house thursday can be found here. it was pretty exciting… a lot of tech. support was there. moreso than usual which was a nice surprise. i definitely needed that night to relax and it proved to be successful since i made an A on my biology exam the next morning!! :wink: maybe tomorrow i will do just as well on my econ. exam.

i’m kind of going all ass backwards on this thing but random thoughts keep popping into my head.

my mom and i cleaned my whole apartment today and it’s squeaky clean now. carpet, floors, sheets, clothes, bathroom, everything. and loki got a new leash since she has eaten 2 of hers already. 3 if you count the one she had in fayetteville. she’s a pain in the ass sometimes but i love her. i woke up this morning with her head on my chest and her staring straight at me trying to lick my face and every once in a while smacking me in the head with her paw.

my friend brian called today which was unexpected. he’s bringing some friends up tomorrow and wants to go hiking or out on the parkway or just something outside since it’s supposed to be really, really nice tomorrow. 84 and sunny compared to the 50s and rain we had last week is going to be awesome.

i need to get out of this apartment for a bit… i’ve been in here all day with the exception of wal-mart and that doesn’t really count.