feeling productive

my morning class was cancelled and i got all excited about sleeping in, so in doing that i completely forgot i had 2 other classes to go to. 1:15 rolled around and i was still in pajamas, unaware that i had class in 45 minutes. i guess checking my e-mail reminded me that i had class so i hauled ass and got to the bus at 35 after and made it to campus, wet hair and all. yay. turned my assignment in, kicked ass on my finance quiz (except 1 i know i missed) and went to my meeting for our group project.

and THEN… drumroll… we had our regular gaming club meeting. and guess who’s new vice president! i’m so ridiculously excited about this. i’ve never done anything like this before and it’s going to be quite the adventure. and then tickle held a splendid ALUG meeting and we all went home happy. with my new lighttpd webserver installed. now i have something new to putz around with when i get bored. if only the internet at this place didn’t suck SO DAMN BADLY then it wouldn’t be such a pain in the ass to do anything internet related. it took me 20 minutes to do this post and get it to save. no lie.

i hate wavelength.

due to shitty internet services, i cleaned this apartment like crazy. including the mysterious green goo from the refridgerator that laura and i have yet to find the source of. i cleaned all my sheets, did laundry, scrubbed the kitchen floor (traces of syrup were still being found randomly from the accident the other night), re-organized my file cabinet AND my closet, and i was going to vacuum but i think it might be too late to do that since the neighbors upstairs and downstairs could hear it. it feels good to get shit done. now for the bathroom.