Fed UP!

there will be no more parties at my apartment. i’m afraid i will severely injure someone. if there will ever be another party, i am coating everything in saran wrap that is necessary (seats) and removing every other piece of furniture from the apartment. and there will be no booze. except for what i drink… because i’m afraid that’s what it’ll take to get me to ignore the ignorance and disrespect that some people tend to show. the apartment was in perfect form when i went to bed at 2 AM. it was absolutely trashed when i got out of bed at 2 PM. people drank my liquor, my juice, adam’s mountain dew which i even put his name all over, his juice, handed out my friends’ (who came all the way from home to support me and the LAN) beer that they bought, and had the audacity to turn the apartment upside down in less than a 12 hour period. i’m pissed. i’m annoyed. i left a very unfriendly note before getting in the shower this morning. unfortunately, the people i wanted most to see it will never see it… and when put in front of them again i probably will not have the balls to step up and say what i want. unless i get shit faced and punch them in the nose. i’m glad i got to see a lot of my friends. i’m bummed that certain people didn’t get to stay longer. and i’m bummed that i didn’t stay awake until the wee hours like usual but i had about 4 hours of sleep the night before the LAN. most importantly, i’m bummed that i couldn’t kick a couple people in the face last night and throw them out of my apartment.