if i don’t look any better by the time spring break rolls around, i’m going to be pissed. between laura and i working out the way we have been and doing all the running around i’ve been doing, and tonight’s snowboarding. good lord. i am so worn out. it was a lot of fun though, got a ton of pictures. they’ll be uploaded tomorrow sometime probably.

adam, i’d give anything just to sleep next to you right now. this feeling of detachment is driving me absolutely apeshit and i’m starting to go crazyyy. this deployment has seemed a hundred times worse and i have no idea why. maybe it’s because we don’t get to talk as much. i just feel so distant and it sucks. i am so glad we got to talk yesterday, that made my valentine’s day. i miss you a hell of a lot. i wish there was something that could make this easier. i know it’s always worth it in the long run, the day i see you again. i don’t think anything could replace that feeling and i definitely can’t begin to describe it. i keep replaying that over and over in my head and it’s unbelievable how motivating it is, and those 3 weeks over christmas break… well, nothing can beat that. except the 3 months this summer living with you. fejwi;agfaiewa ugh, come home.