Evidence Of Boredom

the site is officially decked out in christmas decor for the remainder of the holiday season… eek! i’m so excited for christmas. there is a new toy to play with in the visitor section also. it cured my boredom for about 2 minutes. anyway, enjoy. the site will be like this for a while due to the fact that my creative energy has all been gone for the past year or so.

i don’t know what kind of medicine the doctor gave me, but those pills made me feel like i was high as a kite. i’ve never been that out of it in my life. i still am. my eyes kind of go in and out of focus and i feel like i’m in a dream. i sure do feel great, though. no more sore throat, no more aching all over, no more fever, no more headache… it’s great. and i’m so excited that i can eat now! i won’t miss thanksgiving dinner. life is good. :cool:

i’m gonna shower and watch tv and clean up the mess i’ve made of my room. the past few days i’ve just kind of stumbled around so i’ve managed to destroy the whole place. yuck. at least i don’t feel like i’m dying anymore!