entirely too early

so i’m sitting in the lobby in rankin waiting on jill and i didn’t think they had wireless in here but apparently they do! so i’m super excited that i have something to do other than raid the vending machines and stare out the window. people keep looking at me funny–screw you guys. i wish the bus didn’t get here 35 minutes early but at least i always have time to get my homework that i don’t have done.

question… who wears leggings under daisy dukes with rainbow flip flops? i mean it might be comfy but i would think i’d feel a little too confined. maybe it’s for people who don’t like their legs. maybe i should try that out.

i’m slowly putting up pictures from the past week and a half or so. i still have to shrink them all but i’ll do that after jill and i go to breakfast because i have to reboot. i’m trying to make myself use linux almost all the time now except for necessities like photoshop, cinema4d, and for now, remote desktop, since i am not cool enough to figure out how to get it to go outside of the LAN. i just want to get to my things… :sad: oh well.

adam, i miss youuu. i’m sending your package out today. your next one will go out friday or saturday!!!!