after a pretty god awful week, i decided to allow myself to do nothing this weekend. i don’t have anything due… i don’t have anything to worry about… i should not be stressed. granted, i have the LAN to work towards and an AITP website to get working on, but that’s all long-term. this weekend is strictly for self-help and getting my head straight.

i was browsing digg and ran across these articles…

10 reasons why you should smile more often
10 timeless lessions from benjamin franklin
10 big lessons from little kids (i wish i’d heard #9 before i had my first taste of whiskey)
top 10 ways to manage and reduce stress
9 great ways to live a more positive life

these are just a few of the ones i read, and there are tons of links to other articles just like these. i found myself smiling, slowly relaxing, and feeling somewhat content this evening. ’tis a good feeling.