ebay is dangerous... now i am, too

i just won this on eBay for $15. i didn’t think i’d win, but i did, and this excites me. a mace with 2 giant spiky balls AND a dagger?! what more could you want? i will add this to my collection of harmful objects which includes my skullaxe, another axe that my friend charlie gave me, the sweet skull switchblade adam bought me, and a 5′ plastic pitchfork.

i was thinking today about the winter and how i really want to learn how to hunt and actually go hunting. i always have said that i really want to go and i want someone to take me, but no one has taken me seriously. i kind of understand why because i probably DO look ridiculous running around in the woods with a firearm but after going to the range with derrick and scott a bunch and using my friends’ 22s at home so often, i keep thinking that i want to do that more often. i was looking online at this and also a mossberg 500 and i was asking my friend allen if he could help me get involved with the watauga gun club. he’s really big into it and i think i might do it. next paycheck, maybe, i could go for it. you don’t need a license for a shotgun like that and i could take classes. i was looking at their website and if i attend 2 meetings and get him to take me with him, i could become a member. only thing is, he said dues are $100, so i’m going to have to actually save money. this is something i suck at. i need to take care of adam’s birthday presents first and THEN worry about this. but BOY that would be awesome to get into. i am really excited.

this is kind of funny because adam is looking at getting into photography when he comes home and while he’s in italy, and then he’d have something to fall back on if the firefighter thing doesn’t pull through (i won’t let that happen because if i got to date a soldier AND a firefighter, SHOOO!!!!). i mean, my camera goes everywhere with me, but i am no photographer. i get lucky now and then with sweet shots, but that’s the extent of it. luck. so now… my boyfriend is getting into photography, and i wanna go buy a shotgun and run around in the woods. if all goes as planned, adam will have a nice big deer head on my wall to take pictures of by next year. THAT IS MY GOAL.

now… i’m off to paint the tunnel for the gaming club. there will be pictures. lots and lots of pictures.