Dreading The Weekend

i just got home and i’m bored out of my mind. no one is doing a damn thing and i don’t want to be stuck in the house for the weekend. i might be going to mooresville tomorrow to mike’s with him and daniel but other than that, i’ve made no plans and it looks like there won’t be any to make anyway. i tried getting ahold of a lot of people and everyone’s at work or doesn’t have their phone on so i’m sitting in my room about to go nuts, which is sad because i’ve been home for like 30 minutes. it looks like i might be heading back to boone early this weekend if i don’t wind up in mooresville. this bites.

last night was a lot of fun. danny’s birthday was yesterday and daniel and eric got a keg for him and threw a party. it was interesting because daniel and i and all our friends spent most of the night crammed in daniel’s bedroom while everyone else was out in the living room… all, 10-15 of them. there were supposed to be like 50. not sure what happened with that one… anyway, it was alright. there were some weird kids there, but at least none of us had to deal with them. i had a terrible hangover this morning and i hadn’t had one since going to franklin 3-4 months ago with daniel and mike and chris. it was a nice 3-4 months, also. this morning was a bit rough, but last night was worth it. i can hold down food now, which is good. :cool:

i think i’m gonna go to kernersville or drive around. i need to get out and stay out.