Dentist != Fun Friday Activity

i had to wake up bright and early this morning to go to the dentist office and get a new retainer. i don’t see how a piece of plastic with a wire through it is so expensive. i should’ve just stolen my mold and taken a paper clip and bent it around to fit my teeth. $190 is a bit ridiculous. loki has successfully destroyed every expensive medication/hygiene necessity of mine–retainer, inhaler, birth control, you name it. most of that happened when she was still a tiny puppy but i guess she got a wild hair up her ass when she went for the retainer. gross. i’m going to put everything in a safe from now on. :eek:

i sat down in the chair and the lady shoved the metal plate in my mouth with the gooey stuff they make molds with and i start gagging immediately. it wasn’t fully set to the plate and it started dripping down my throat and i thought i was going to hurl. she’s all like, “just breathe through your nose, sweetie” and i’m all like, “I HAVE BEEN COMING HERE FOR HOW MANY YEARS AND YOU STILL DON’T KNOW THAT I HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO BREATHE THROUGH MY NOSE?!?!” even my mom used to yell at them about that when i was little. i wish it had been her hand in my mouth instead of the plate so i could’ve bitten her.

i’m so glad this week is over. i had 3 exams and a deliverable due for my infrastructures class. all i really care about is that i got an 88 on my database exam which is the one i was extremely worried about… so HOORAY!

this weekend should be fun. it’s warmer at fort bragg than it is in boone so when i get there, supposedly adam and i are going to go biking somewhere on base. his stepdad just GAVE him his unbelievably sweet mountain bike and adam is all excited about finally getting to ride it. i’m excited too because i finally have someone to go biking with… i can never find/convince anyone in boone to go so this should be a lot of fun for both of us, and good exercise. i told adam that i don’t care if it rains. i will bike through the mud if it comes to it–i want to go that bad. i took my bike apart last night and crammed it in the car with loki. she was less than pleased.

also, thanks to all you girls who left suggestions about birth control. i’m going to see a second doctor and get a second opinion. i completely quit the yaz. i’ve been on loestrin 24, ortho try-cyclen lo, and mircette in the past–all of which had less than satisfying effects on my mental health and a lot of them made my face break out. while adam was in iraq, i was not on any pill because A) i ran out and B) i didn’t need it. i was happy all the time and i was my normal self. as soon as i started taking the pill again in late september/early october, i became a hermit and was depressed. adam and i talked about it and we both came to the agreement that i need a progestin-only pill or something else that doesn’t pump estrogen into my body because they’re obviously not working with me. we’ll see what happens, i guess. i have felt great the past few days not being on any stupid pill and it’s about time. i don’t want to put our relationship at anymore risk than i have already and so far, i feel like me again. it’s awesome.

now it’s time to snuggle up in bed until i meet my mom for lunch. crappy rainy days are good for things like that. i can’t wait to see my baby later… :lol: