Deer Grunting?

adam is in my living room…

  1. watching deliverance
  2. wearing scent-blocker hunting pants
  3. wearing a realtree ball cap
  4. making deer grunts at loki and thor
    i think the south got the best of him. if his mom could see him now. ;)

i just printed out an 11 page study guide for my visual basic exam wednesday. i didn’t even know we covered that much material. i printed out my organizational behavior study guide for my exam tomorrow and that ended up being 13 pages. i feel like both of these exams are going to be a breeze, yet i just killed 43890 trees trying to prepare for them.

at least i’m being productive now. i slept until 11, laid around until 3, cooked lunch with adam, and went and saw a movie (body of lies is so good) so now i’m finally settling down and getting crap done for tomorrow. :geek: kudos to me for being a good student.

adam has monday off so i think his long weekend is rubbing off on me and it’s going make waking up at 7 tomorrow morning OH so hard… :yawn: