December 2003

happy new year! 12.31.03 | 2:55 PM | posted by whit
wow… last night was great. the line-up went creamy velour, the clear, and athenaeum. if you weren’t there, you missed an awesome show. that was the best athenaeum show i’ve been to so far. i don’t think i was much more than a foot from mike ’cause as the night went on, i got pushed more forward so i was just about standing on the stage. len got some good pictures for me since he has a bit of a height advantage on me so he got a few overhead pics for me. rach & i got some good ones with the guys too. i also got a picture with marshal, the drummer for the clear. the pictures are up in the gallery.

tonight will be yet another crazy party at thomas’s house. i’m ready for it, and i’m prepared for the drama if needbe. i hope i get to see everyone there! happy new year y’all!

athenaeum tonight 12.30.03 | 3:00 PM | posted by whit
i ain’t dead y’all. just been busy!

man… i’m lovin’ this christmas break. i’ve had so much fun, with the exception of shane not being here, but i’ve made the best of it for sure. grainger and i went to mi pueblo last night after we stopped by scott’s. we got a ton of candy from wal-mart and smuggled it into the movie theater to see LOTR. that movie is awesome. definitely worth the money. i was impressed. it even made me cry… ;) the guys stayed up at scott’s playing FFXI and i was up ’til around 3:30 or so. i finally crashed. i don’t see how, especially considering i didn’t wake up yesterday ’til 2:30 in the afternoon. my sleeping habits are so messed up. it’s gonna suck going back to school.

my posts might be shorter on here. i finally brought back my livejournal. i’ve been kinda trying to manage these 2 and it’s getting confusing, but that’s ok. it isn’t a friends only, either.

i gotta get ready to go. i need to shower and hop on over to record exchange if i don’t wanna wait in line tonight for a ticket. ziggy’s gets backed up real quick–especially with athenaeum.

so sleepy 12.28.03 | 12:08 AM | posted by whit
yeahhh… i’ve been slacking on the posts. oh well. too bad, so sad! ;) y’all will get over it, i’m sure. anyway, today ry~ry and i had a crazy fun time at the mall, pizza hut, and the basketball game… and now i’m tired as heck sitting in my room about to fall asleep at the keyboard… trying to stay conscious to talk to shane. this post was pointless.

pictures are up in the gallery from christmas and 12/27 with ry~ry.

merry christmas 12.26.03 | 6:43 PM | posted by whit
christmas was awesome! pictures are up in the gallery. enjoy… i’m not going to even attempt to explain any of it. i was at my mom’s for a little while, at my dad’s for a little while, at lake norman for the afternoon, and then partied all night long. i’ll leave it at that. =)

enjoying the break 12.23.03 | 2:09 PM | posted by whit
so far, so good. i’ve been having an awesome christmas break. sarah’s house was so much fun the other night! it was me, sarah, becky, rachel, ashley, anna, chris, and michael. michael is the guy sarah is talking to and chris has been a friend of ours since about 7th grade. we had fun. we watched titanic (and ridiculed it the whole time) and pigged out on junk food, and opened christmas presents! everyone left but me, becky, and rachel so the four of us sat in sarah’s basement ’til around 4 AM talkin’ about the good ol’ days ;) back in elementary school when we ruled everyone.

i went home yesterday morning and showered. i met sarah at the mall around 1 and knocked out some more christmas shopping. i only have to get a couple more things and i know exactly what they are and where they are so i don’t have to go hunting through crowds of people trying to figure out what to buy. thank god. the mall has been hell lately! we met byrd, duane, and matt up at east coast wings at 4 after the mall. that was fun… gotta love ’em. sarah ended up driving back home and i went w/the guys to scott’s and then to thomas’s house. thomas wasn’t there though coughasscough and we all left. i went to best buy on the way home and did even more shopping and then went home. i didn’t get to stay home very long… but it gave me time to finish wrapping presents and talk to shane