dates keep on changing

adam’s day of return changes just about every day lately. i wish they would make up their mind but really i have nothing to complain about, just that he’s coming home safely. the FRG sent out another e-mail today with photos attached because they had mailed over a polaroid. the first picture was my baby all cuddled up in blankets passed out cold and i don’t think my face has lit up like that since being with him. there weren’t very many pictures but the 2 or 3 that he was in were more than enough. i am working really hard to get my exam dates all changed to next week, so hopefully this will all get sorted out and i won’t have to worry anymore. i don’t think stressing out is going to help me get better any quicker, either.

i feel a little better today and i haven’t taken any dayquil so i think that’s a good sign. i’ve been drinking my OJ and i couldn’t really eat a lot today without feeling grossed out. yesterday all i ate was a bite of chocolate cake. chocolate sounded like my best option. out of all the stuff i got grocery shopping, i had a bite of leftover chocolate cake. oh well. at least i ate something.

my neighbors have been taking really good care of me. they gave me goody’s powder, soup, whiskey, and a blanket the other night… sat me in front of the TV, and i felt pretty good minus the random sweats and chills, but those calmed down after too long. same routine last night, except i had nyquil instead of goody’s powder and i passed out really early. sleep is glorious. too bad i have to wake up at 5:30 tomorrow morning. teachers need to quit giving papers and quizzes. it’s EXAM WEEK. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE THINKING?

i’m gonna try to get a good night’s sleep tonight. the closer his date gets, the less i can stop my brain from going apeshit while i try to sleep. soo many random thoughts and questions about what it will be like when he comes home… ack!! goodnight.