Damn You, Archive.org!

have you guys ever been here? i’m reading my blogs from 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005… and i’m really wishing i’d stayed single freshman year and not gotten sucked into the relationship i wound up in. i wish i’d hung out on 5th floor of bowie (dorm i lived in) with my buddies more than i did. i actually wish i spent a LOT more time in the dorms than i did. i don’t think i realized how much fun it was, or how much i would miss community bathrooms and no air conditioning and the wheel of death (microwaveable-food vending machine) and easy-mac and my tiny creaky bed and creepy roommates and drunken trips to howard’s knob at 3 in the morning with 5th and 6th floor kids to lay on rocks and stare at the view of all of boone’s night lights.

college is so much fun. i’m really glad i’m graduating late. maybe i’ll try and flunk out this semester so i can stay in another 6 months. :grin: just kidding, mom and dad. i really don’t want to leave, though. i remember times when i was like, man this really sucks. but was i ever wrong.

i am pretty sure when i’m older i will want to go back to now in a heartbeat. i’m not even done and i already want to go back to freshman year. funny how time flies RIDICULOUSLY FAST. i remember the day my mom and dad helped me move into my dorm and i cried when they left and that night i went to my first real college party and thought i had found heaven on earth.

i need to quit reading my old stuff before i drive to boone at 3 in the morning. actually, i definitely don’t want to go back to my apartment before the new carpet gets put in. gross. :razz: it will be nice to be back, though, when i do go back. i mean, i love living with adam. we have so much fun together. but fort bragg is not boone and i miss my apartment and the mountains and my weird neighbors. plus, i’ll have something to look forward to–driving to fort bragg to see my soldier! that will never get old.

to avoid getting sappy… adam and i have had so much fun tonight. he had the day off so when i got home from work, we went out to get mexican. had our usuals. we went to tj-maxx so i could buy a couple more mini-dresses (i freaking hate dresses but i wore the one i bought the other day to work, and it caused a commotion :happy: so i bought 4 more) for $10 each. adam wanted to get paint stuff so we went to A.C. moore and i found this glass snake pendant that is really sweet so i got a leather strap for it and made a necklace out of it when we got home. he got a watercolor for dummies kit and a few plain t-shirts (they’re $3!!! if you ever need t-shirts, go to A.C. moore!).

bookstore was next on the list so he got some more reads and i found one i actually couldn’t put down in the store. that never happens. it’s called “slow death” and it’s about a serial torture-slayer in new mexico. it’s insane and gruesome and awful but it’s the kind of thing i actually like reading. i don’t know why. i guess it’s because it’s the only thing i can’t fall asleep reading because i constantly have pins and needles down my spine.

so now we’re home. adam’s playing the new soul calibur i got him and i’m working on websites. this is what we do on friday nights. oh, and we’re drinking lemonade. forget bars and beer pong and parties… video games and lemonade is where it’s at. actually, there’s an A.L.U.G. LAN party going on in boone at the moment and i am missing in action. so sad. :(

but, dammit, i’ll be at the next one!!