Curse You, Daylight Savings!

i hate it when it gets dark so early!

i remember when i was little, before my parents were divorced, back when eating meals as a family was normal (not because they are no longer married, but because the times are changing), my dad would get home around 5 or 6. my mom would cook dinner. i’d set the table. we’d eat dinner, and by the time dinner was over with it was dark outside. i used to LOVE that feeling (and now i think i must have been crazy) because back then it just felt cozy. now it just SUCKS. :mad:

getting done with dinner, clearing the table, putting the dishes in the dishwasher, planting myself in front of the TV with my mom on the couch/floor/wherever i sprawled out, and dad in the recliner. it could be dark and cold outside, but our house was always bright, warm, cozy, and decorated inside and it was so comforting.

today, i’m going to go home and within 2-3 hours of being home and playing with loki and cooking dinner, it will be dark. and before it’s even completely dark, it will at least get dark in my apartment an hour earlier because the woods hide all the sunshine from reaching my windows 90% of the time.

this means i have to close my blinds (and if i’m home alone, you better believe every lamp inside gets turned on) because dark windows freak me the hell out. this kid in 6th grade told me some ghost story about a girl seeing a face looking in at her from outside her windows at night, only to realize the face was actually a reflection, and the man was, in fact, standing behind her INSIDE HER HOUSE.

if that doesn’t scare the bejesus out of an 11 year old girl, i don’t know what else will.

daylight savings is just plain not fun anymore. it only eggs on the depression. i’ve been eating SO much better since living in charleston, but i told myself this week that i’m going to start running again (i also need to get back into the Wii, i’m a slacker) i have never again felt quite as amazing as i did those 6 weeks i ran every. single. day. back in 2007. i recently realized our gym is actually open at all hours, we just have to use a pin to get in, which eliminates my previous excuse of not running because “by the time i get home from work, change/eat/unwind/whatever, and go to the gym to run, it will be closed”.

and don’t even suggest running outside, because in my mind, that is not humanly possible.

i need someone to kick me every day and say WHITNEY GO RUN. if you’d like to take on this task, by all means, yell at me. really, i’m serious.