Complete Ignorance

after a nice dinner at bushido last night, brett and i decided to catch a movie. we went to see edge of darkness, which turned out to be the worst decision we could’ve made for the evening.

not because it was valentine’s day and the movie theater was jam packed. no. it was jam packed, but i only waited in line for 2 minutes–the amount of time it took him to find a parking spot and meet me at the door.

the reason it was the worst decision we could’ve made was the couple sitting behind us in the theater. i have NEVER been so ticked off during a movie in my life. i’ve had some rude pieces of trash sitting near me before–the ones who talk through the entire movie, like it’s meant to be discussed out loud and there aren’t 50 other people trying to pay attention. i think everyone has had that experience at least once. eventually, they get tired of being shushed and they shut up.

this couple behind us, however–not the case. it was a young black couple. in my experience, black people tend to be louder in the theater. i’m not racist. there are stereotypes for a reason. the woman was running her mouth a mile a minute, he was running his mouth a mile a minute, and the movie had just gotten to the point where if you don’t pay attention, you are going to miss the entire point of the movie.

i did not pay $18 to miss the entire point of the movie. after about a half hour of this crap, i got up and walked over to them.

me: “can you please stop talking? you’ve already ruined half of the movie.”
him: “do what? man, fuck you.”
him: “yo, FUCK YOU!”

clearly, he didn’t have much of an argument. brett got ticked off because the guy was slinging words at me. i told him to stay seated and refrain from punching him in the face.

normally, people would have a little respect for the rest of the audience and they would shut up, or at least be kind of quiet. them? they got louder. obviously, that was their intention. seriously, who does that? my blood was boiling. brett was about to have a meltdown. we got up and left for the bar with about 30-40 minutes left to go in the movie.

if anyone else has seen edge of darkness, don’t tell me how it ends. one good thing did come from it all, though, and that is this picture. he calls it my “family photo”.

![Chipmunks](/content/images/2010/02/sdc10184-300x225.jpg "Chipmunks")