Coffee Virgin No More

a friend of mine took me to have my first coffee yesterday at a little coffee shop in town. he bought me a mocha and it was AMAZING! :full:

except i think i did something wrong.

before i went and had coffee with him, i had gone to macado’s with about 8 friends and had a couple beers (literally) to celebrate an early day and a good exam.

between the yuengling and the mocha and the lean cuisine i had when i got home, i’m not sure which one destroyed my stomach the worst. :mad: i felt like throwing up all night last night (except i DIDN’T!) and didn’t leave my bed after 7 PM. i still felt crappy when i got up at 6:45 this morning.

i have the wussiest stomach in the world and it keeps getting wussier. i hope it wasn’t the mocha that did it because i think i’m in love with it.