chunky baked potato w/steak & cheese soup

this soup is a gift from heaven… seriously. it has saved my ass from a wicked sore throat. i can’t believe i feel sick again. :crying: i’ve been eating fruit and i have been eating comparatively better meals than a lot of people i know and i’ve been getting sleep and i’ve been bundling up and instead of being lazy when i have my car i’ve been walking my butt all over campus despite the enormous temptation to just grab my keys and scoot. ugh. i suck at life. :angry:

anyway, today was a pretty good day. i got back to boone a little before noon and cleaned my side of the room and got a few things done that were left before tomorrow. i had to go to the play at 2 and then i came back to the room to make lunch and be lazy. stephen met me at horn in the west so i didn’t have to wait for the bus back to bowie and instead of going to bowie i went to his and his roommate’s apt to watch the NEW SIMPSONS!!! we ended up having to watch that mike myers cat in the hat since simpsons wasn’t on until 8 and i have to say that movie is horrible. it definitely should not be a little kids’ movie… since when did cat in the hat talk about murder?

stephen and his roomie dropped me off at the market (thank god) because for one thing i’ve been starving until now AND i needed drinks and bread and this ungodly amazing soup that was unknown to me until daniel introduced it to me the last time i was sick. once this tylenol flu PM kicks in, i’ll be sleeping like a baby. too bad i have to interrupt it at 7AM.

i don’t know why this post is so pessimistic… it just kind of came out. i really have nothing to complain about in my life. i get to see my friends back home this week when i go home, daniel just made me look like an idiot in front of his dad, thanksgiving dinner is coming closer, and my medicine is settling in for the night. :smile: