due to events in my life this week i will be living here at home this summer… getting a job and paying off speeding tickets, and partying as much as i can with my girls and my buddies, and going to boone to visit every so often. it’s gonna be different but it will be a good time, i’m sure. i’ll be back in boone in august with my own apartment and a pretty good class schedule. life goes on, and i know i’m strong enough to do this.

i know you don’t read this, but if by some crazy chance you do, you know you mean the world to me. i’m not gone.

i’m gonna finish my philosophy paper and hit the sack. my mom and my dog are in my bed snoring at the moment… not sure how well this is gonna work.

matt, tim, thomas, jill, fayre, anthony, and anyone else who’s been talking to me- thank you for being the wonderful people you are and being there for me the past 2 days. it means so much. :smile:

tomorrow it’s breakfast with ben, wake forest, lunch with my mom, and heading back to boone to pack up the dorm room! i’m getting out of there next week after final exams on saturday. then it’s party after party during the entire week because i need it and i definitely am not going to pass this up!