CES 2009 in Las Vegas

the purpose of my trip to las vegas in january is #1) AITP trip and #2) to go to the consumer electronics show. and then there is, of course, the #3 reason that should go without saying–it’s freaking las vegas and it’s only costing $400. i pretty much have to go.

i’ve been getting more and more excited as it gets closer to the trip. the only thing i’m truly worried about is getting completely lost in a city that big. small sacrifice. i have been looking at the exhibitor lists and session schedules trying to figure out where i want to go when i get there but there are literally HUNDREDS of companies coming. i picked out a few of the ones that caught my eye:

  • adobe
  • broadcom (despite the fact that their wireless drivers don’t like linux and consumed my entire spring break, it might be interesting, to say the least. broadcom–you ARE the reason i started an open source blog!)
  • cisco (freaking SWEET!)
  • disney/abc (woo!)
  • divx
  • hp
  • intel
  • jeopardy (the agenda says they will be filming the TV show on site during the conference and the tickets are free. SERIOUSLY? i’m going!)
  • amd (represent. seriously, though–i really want to see this.)
  • microsoft (this should be interesting. there are photos on their website of bill gates at CES 2008 playing guitar hero.)
  • nokia
  • nvidia
  • popular mechanics
  • samsung
  • skullcandy
  • skype
  • thermaltake (the only interaction i could ever get with these people for gaming club was in engRish. i’m hoping for a bit more.)
  • yahoo

i don’t know where i’ll begin. i think the only downside to all of this is we have to be in business dress and i’m afraid that when i’m trying to finagle my way into all of these sessions without looking out of place, i’m going to trip in my heels and snap an ankle in the middle of a million CEO’s and important people and make an idiot out of myself. but, who would expect anything less? o_0

in other news, adam got sprayed by a flipping fire hydrant today (he’s still on phase 1 of sniper school). on purpose! in 40 degree weather! and then they had to crawl uphill through the mud! all that to texturize and wear in their ghillie suits. is the extreme power of a fire hydrant really necessary? now he’s sick and is hopped up on tylenol PM. i am pretty sure he’s not a happy camper. i told him to get off the phone earlier, take medicine, bundle up, and go to bed. i feel SO bad… :( 2 more weeks. crossing my fingers for him.