Cabins. I Love Cabins.

Cabin brett and i are heading up to NC this weekend. seven devils, to be specific. we both miss the high country, and would like to get the hell out of charleston (the low country) for another weekend before he goes to africa. yes, i said africa. i wanted to go, too, but evidently they (our project managers) frown upon small females going to marine corps bases in third world countries to test computer systems. HUGE BUMMER. i’d really like to play with the hyenas.

anyway, this cabin is, HANDS DOWN, one of my favorite places on earth. brett’s parents own it and rent it out online. i will provide the link to it (with their permission, of course) AFTER this weekend. when we’re already back in south carolina. for obvious reasons.

![Cabin](/content/images/2010/03/129e7a.jpg "Cabin")![Cabin](/content/images/2010/03/129543.jpg "Cabin")
i love it because it’s in the mountains. that is where i belong. in the mountains. why? let me show you.
![The High Country](/content/images/2010/03/mountains.jpg "The High Country")this is why.
![The High Country](/content/images/2010/03/mountains2.jpg "The High Country")THIS is why.
![The High Country](/content/images/2010/03/mountains3.jpg "The High Country")![The High Country](/content/images/2010/03/mountains5.jpg "The High Country")this gives me goosebumps.
![The High Country](/content/images/2010/03/mountains4.jpg "The High Country")i even miss this. somehow, by the grace of god, charleston got snow this winter, but nothing close to this.
when i get sick of doing information security, which will hopefully be a long way off, i want to retreat back to the mountains. i want to live in a cabin. with blankets, hot chocolate, loki, thor, steak, an abundance of sweatpants, my handsome best friend, and a mountain of coors light. and my laptop, assuming web development is even necessary in 40 years. and assuming we even have laptops in 40 years. i really don’t even want to think about what earth will be like in 40 years.

i’m getting way off topic and i’m almost scaring myself, so i just want to say… i’m super excited about this weekend. we’re bringing food and beer with us so we don’t have to spend much money while we’re up there. he drives an escalade, which isn’t exactly wallet-friendly. the only other thing i will be willing to spend money on is macado’s, which is ALWAYS acceptable. always.

all photos (except the cabin pictures) are by my friend, leander. you can find more of his photography here. hi, leander!