Bye Bye Grainger :(

tonight was grainger’s going away dinner at ihop. tears were definitely shed. i hate it when that happens. :crying: you’d think i’d be better at goodbyes by now, but i think i’m only getting worse.

i met up with him for lunch around 1 so we could get mexican and it’s sad that this is the last time that will happen until september. i’m gonna miss you, freaking bastard. i hate that all my buddies are winding up overseas… it really sucks. you’re still my best friend even if you are leaving all of us to go build sand castles in the desert. :angry:

we went to the mall and i got a pedicure and the picture doesn’t do them justice. i think i picked possibly the worst color imagineable. my feet are freaking neon. i wouldn’t be surprised if they reacted to black light.

the remainder of the afternoon was spent getting pictures developed at wal-mart (took over 2 hours, lady in front of me had 500 pictures), knitting my scarf (still), and putting together the beginnings of a scrapbook for me and daniel since he got me a brand new one as part of my christmas present. oh yes. i’ve been productive, alright. my fingers are sore and i’m covered in superglue, glitter glue, and scrapbook tape.

i’m gonna go knit until i run out of yarn and then i think i’ll be heading to bed. i’m exhausted and it’s been a long day.

grainger, i’m gonna miss you! please, please, PLEASE be safe. in california and iraq… if you don’t write, i WILL beat the shit out of you. that’s a promise.