Busy, Busy, Busy!

i treated adam and i to lunch yesterday since he was taking us to see street kings (really good movie, btw) and always pays for food. we went to applebee’s because i had a hankering for their mac & cheese with chicken. if you’ve never had it, it will totally change your life. also, their spinach & artichoke dip (which i used to hate) is now on my list of foods that look disgusting but i (now) love them. anyway, our waitress sucked a LOT and failed to bring me a refill (i waited with an empty cup for like 15 minutes and had to ask her twice, wtf) and took 20 minutes to even take our order and by that time we were panicking because we did not want to be late for our movie. i think adam would have an aneurysm if he missed the previews even. before i get some mean comment in reply to this, IT WAS NOT THAT BUSY. i used to waitress, i understand. she sucked. so he’s getting nerved up and i’m super thirsty–terrible combination. we get bored waiting for pretty much everything, also bad. we have 3 bottles of ketchup within arms reach, i have chocolate in my purse, and adam starts playing “hide the ketchup covered french fry”. let’s just say, the next time someone wants sweet-n-low, they’re gonna get a free prize. there is also a ketchup-ed chocolate bunny hanging around. while we were walking out, adam had this evil smirk of satisfaction on his face and then started laughing to himself. i asked him what he was laughing at and his reply was, “i was just thinking, if she finds that rabbit and the tip we left, and she runs out here to yell at us, just hurl your macaroni at her!” this is why i love him–always entertaining.

i started driving home from fort bragg around 10:30 last night and got 10 minutes out of town and decided to turn around. it was really rainy, foggy, crappy, and i missed adam already. i came back and i’m glad i did… i forgot my sunglasses AND my leftover food from applebee’s. :wink: of course, it was nice getting to snuggle him for one more night.

when i got back he’d been playing call of duty with the guys in his battalion so i started working on websites for a client and sign-up stuff for AppalachLAN X. so far i got one more website done and the sign-up is finished as far as i can tell. i’ll probably have to change it all tonight after the guys see it. they’ll find something to bug me about… heh. the life of a nerd… blargh.

i just got back from wal-mart and found a super tall, shiny, black floor lamp for $7. it matches everything in adam’s apartment and i couldn’t resist. i got home and put it together and guess what! light bulb not included. go figure, right? it’s not $7 for no reason. TRICKED AGAIN! i have chocolate, though, so i’ll be okay. and these 2 lovely dogs that i adore so much. [/sarcasm] they’re driving me flippin’ nuts. they’re cute when they play tug of war but it’s not cute when they start screaming and screeching and running all over the place and tripping over laptop cords and stepping on your toes. although, loki does a pretty good chewbacca impression. it was fitting for our second star wars weekend in a row. return of the jedi was on last night!! i hope everyone everywhere got to watch it. definitely my favorite episode.

i’m going to take the pups out and watch TV for a bit and wait for shithead to come home. all in all–awesome weekend. pictures are up from friday night on page 2 of the photo gallery.