Busy, busy, busy!

this has felt like the longest week of my life. i still have to upload pictures from when a crapload of us went to the skating rink, and i have to upload pictures from merlefest yesterday in wilkesboro. i’m not sure if i have anymore on my camera but it’ll probably be a while before i get things up because my laptop is in the trunk of my car at the moment all packed up.

my mom and her boyfriend and jill helped me finally move out of the dorm yesterday afternoon because we had everything packed up and only a few more bags to get rid of. that was a load off of my mind… namely because i hate doing crap like that and i knew i had to check out with the RA and she’s a big beotch.

we went to cici’s for dinner with dale and 2 of his friends and by the time they finally got there, i was done with dinner and jill had to leave to catch her movie with her boyfriend… that plan crapped out. i got the rest of my crap from the apartment and headed to brandi’s place for the remainder of the evening. she’s definitely been a lifesaver the past few days as far as i’m concerned and her roommate’s boyfriend was a blessing in disguise with an 18 pack of beer. hell yes. :biggrin:

i have been totally unproductive today. i need to return my books to the book store… but i don’t wanna walk over there ’cause it’s cold outside for NO GOOD REASON and i don’t feel like dragging them over there. instead, i went with brandi and renee’ and james to capone’s and gorged on stuffed shells. they’re huge, and they’re wonderful.

tech. support has been busy as hell and i think today has had some of the most retarded phone calls, not to mention the weirdest people come with the weirdest questions. gotta love this job… it is never boring!

i have to figure out how the hell i’m going to manage going to go to winston and drop off my stuff, then go to NCSU (maybe) and then make it to duke and UNC tonight by the time collin gets done with his exams. all i know is i’m looking forward to hanging out with him because this guy knows me better than almost anyone. i’ve been best friends with him since 7th grade and he has never failed to make me feel 100% better, so partying tonight with my buddies that i haven’t seen in a year will make for a kickass night.

as far as the rest of the week goes, i’m not sure what’s up. rob wants everyone to go to his lakehouse but depending on how many people go and who those people are, i’m not sure when i’ll be heading up there. hopefully i’ll be receiving that call from hooters on wednesday with the great news that i’ll be making big bucks in the near future, but who knows!

it’s back to work for me and then out to have fun.