bored out of my mind

my roommate goes to bed so freaking early. i came back around 10:30 tonight and she was already asleep. i don’t know how people do that around here. i don’t understand. :crazy:

anyway, today was a very long day. i woke up early to go to my advising appointment at 10:30 which was helpful yet irritating because i’m having a hard time deciding on what to take. i know what i need to get out of the way, but that means taking history and a science class (neither of which i enjoy) so i’m screwed, pretty much. get over it, i know, i know. barf.

i’m feeling a lot better. thanks for all the comments/e-mails/IMs from everyone… THE PILLS ARE WORKING THEIR MAGIC! :biggrin: they’re also keeping me awake. i want to go to sleep but i’m wired.

the rest of this week should be really freaking awesome. thursday is queensryche w/anthony & james… i mean, come on. it WILL rock. friday is GLASS CASKET at the house of 828 so everyone in the area needs to head 421 towards tennessee until you hear the party out thataway. :wink: it’ll be a good one. it always is. saturday is the halloween party/bonfire/mayhem at thomas’s and it will be fun as hell as always. i get to be with all my buddies back home. finally, sunday…HALLOWEEN! i’m not sure if anything will be going on around this place because i know the irritating ASU/boone police will be having their fun busting every other dorm/apt/house in the town… BUT, i will find some fun for myself to get into. it’s halloween… you can’t just sit and do nothing on halloween. not allowed.

oh, and i’ve come to the conclusion that i suck at life. i live in boone and i can’t make a hemp necklace to save my life. daniel taught me how to make them tonight so i did that while he studied for biology. i sat there for over an hour in pure silence weaving my little heart out EXACTLY how the directions said to do it and i made a WHOLE necklace and if it hadn’t been like 8 inches too long to fit around my neck it still would have sucked because it just looked like i tied a bunch of shitty knots like a 3 year old does to a shoelace. i felt horrible and wanted to destroy the evidence of my lack of skills so i took to it with the scissors and now i feel much better. :cool: oh yes, i’ll just get him to make one that actually looks good. i really need to go to bed.